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Religious corporation Shoin Shinto shrine
1537, Chintou, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0838-22-4643
FAX. 0838-22-4282

Treasury single-minded devotion building goods

In the museum shop of the treasury single-minded devotion building, I handle the original goods which are available only here and the book about the Shoin teacher, a rubbed copy of isumi of the teacher.

Original goods

Recreation Matsushita private school in a village manuscript paper (entering 30 pieces)

It is 400 characters manuscript paper of *20 20 characters where a Shoin teacher was used habitually. Teacher and Matsushita private school in a village students printed it in a woodcut and used it. Even if a sentence is written, it is usable as a substitute for the letter paper.

Bamboo brush-pencil

Use genuine bamboo for the axis; the words of the Shoin teacher if "read the book of ten thousand volumes, do not get person and i ruo of izukunzo Chiaki than the non-colander. chi suo does not get the comfort of the citizen of izukunzo sign than the non-colander if I make light of trouble of Kazumi." But, I am incised. Two spare cartridges of ink include it with a paulownia box.


Entering 15 pieces of letter paper and five pieces of envelopes

Bamboo bookmark

31-syllable Japanese poem "filial affection fu" and Shoin teacher portrait
31-syllable Japanese poem "body hatatohi" and Matsushita private school in a village


Red, white

Shoin teacher strap

Tote bag

Dark blue life
Japanese towel
Clear file (A4 size and A5 size)
Picture postcard (simple substance, set)
Sheet of plastic
Mechanical pencil
Ball-point pen

Book, rubbed copy

Shoin Shinto shrine possession treasure pictorial record

55 points select carefully, and they are collected by a remain, the memento of the Shoin teacher stored in a Shoin Shinto shrine. A precise photograph and commentary appear.
Guide Shouin Yoshida of the revolution
Mr. Shouin Yoshida and Shoin Shinto shrine
Shoin Shinto shrine sketchy description
※Goods, the books are replaced and may be out of stock. Forgive me on this occasion.
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