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Religious corporation Shoin Shinto shrine
1537, Chintou, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0838-22-4643
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Shoin teacher and Matsushita private school in a village

Mr. Shouin Yoshida brief career history

I am born in the cedars of the intellectual thirst

As for Mr. Shouin Yoshida, it was born by the Matsumoto village (a part of existing Chintou, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi) located in the Hagi Castle eastern edge of the Nagato country as the second son of (1830) bush clover clansman Yurinosuke Sugi in 1830. As for the name, quadrature, the childhood name are Toranosuke. The person of cedar was the family tradition that was earnest in study in low-class Takeshi of the poor family that derives only part of its income from farming half person of the hereditary stipend 26 stone.

Military science study

When uncle Daisuke Yoshida who entered the adopted child in the Yoshidas acting as a Yamaga style military science instructor of the bush clover feudal clan in the next younger brothers of hyakugokorejo from generation to generation dies at the age of 6 years old, I inherit birthright as the adopted child and give it with Yoshida size Jiro afterward.
I received severe education by Bunnoshin Tamaki of the pupil at the lowest rank of hyakugokorejo to become a military science instructor and entered a service to educational institution for han children Meirin building since 10 years old and, at the age of 11 years old, performed a lecture of "bukyozensho" in front of feudal lord Takachika Mori, and it was it since the last bright person as I impressed a feudal lord. I became an independent instructor at 19 years old and taught a Yamaga style military science until 22 years old continuously in Meirin hall.

Countries studying and de-feudal clan

The Shoin teacher did not stay in Hagi, and errantry did various parts of Japan and worked hard at study. At the age of 20 years old, the south walks Kumamoto, the north in what took a trip to the Sea of Japan coast of the bush clover feudal clan territory for defense situation inspection to Tsugaru as the beginning, and the total distance amounts to 13,000 kilos.
In Edo that studied far away from its home at the age of 22 years old, I studied under Shozan Sakuma and had interchange with a volunteer of the world flourishingly. I planned northeastern inspection with Teizo Miyabe of the Kumamoto feudal clan in the process, but, unfortunately, a feudal lord was absent Edo and was not able to obtain a hand print. It thought that the departure date of the promise came with shame of the whole bush clover feudal clan to change a promise, and Mr. Shoin did departure, a de-feudal clan as I did not have a bill.
I was sent back to self-surrender, the hometown, and, as for the Shoin teacher who came back to Edo, the social position of the clansman was deprived Tohoku inspection of by a bush clover residence of a lord. However, studying permission for 10 years is given then by a feudal lord and goes to Edo again. I changed a popular name to Torajiro these days and have begun to use go called the Shoin. In the ground of Edo that I set foot on again, the Shoin teacher meets at a historic moment. It is Perry visit to a shore to say in the life.

I make shitadenfumikai, a prison with Fukudo

The Shoin teacher who did a fleet of Perry who visited a shore in one of eyes received a big shock from Uraga on (1853) June 3 in 1853. And I come to plan the stowing away to the foreign country. Although I demand United States travel, Jusuke Kaneko of Mr. Shoin and the pupil who got on a fleet of Perry whom it anchored in off Shimoda, Izu on the night of March 27 in the next year is refused and is repelled. Two people were taken to Edo, and hometown confinement was pronounced. The Shoin teacher who returned to Hagi was tied to the hills and fields prison. Jusuke Kaneko died of an illness soon, and the teacher grieved in this deeply. The teacher did a lecture of "Mencius" and worked on the public morals improvement of the disturbed hills and fields prison, and the air in the prison changed completely. Prisoners tell each other and learned, and the prison right became Fukudo.

I bring up a patriot in Matsushita private school in a village

The teacher who leaves the prison in (1855) December in 1855, and was confined at a cedar house begins a lecture of "Mencius" against families continuously in a prison. I redecorated the hut of the garden of the person of cedar, and it was assumed that a lot of children of the neighborhood came to participate in this with a dormitory. This is Matsushita private school in a village stored in the Shoin Shinto shrine precincts now. The Shoin teacher who presided over a private supplementary school brought up many human resources, and, as for private school students, it was a driving force to accomplish the Meiji Restoration.

higashiso, undying ryukon

Chief ministry Naosuke Ii in (1858) went for a reckless action to oppress people who objected to the Shogunate very much in 1858. It is the Mass Execution of so-called Ansei. The Shoin teacher is escorted in the Edo era by the hills and fields prison tied again on (1859) May 25 in 1859, and capital punishment is announced. On October 27, the same year, it was done junsetsu in a prison of Edo Temmacho. It was 30 years old at a calendar year.

The change of the Matsushita private school in a village

The times of the open private supplementary school - Bunnoshin Tamaki, Goro Kubo Court Security Office

Sponsor / Bunnoshin Tamaki Goro Kubo Court Security Office of this time
In the Matsushita private school in a village, a Shoin teacher is apt to seem to be an open private supplementary school, but this is not a fact. It does the Matsushita private school in a village by an opening to have named "Matsushita private school in a village" in the opened private school in the historic spot "Bunnoshin Tamaki former house" where uncle, Bunnoshin Tamaki of the teacher stay at (1842), the present in 1842. The Shoin teacher of the young time went to this private supplementary school. Bunnoshin Tamaki gets the government official, and this private supplementary school is closed if it becomes busy. The name of this "Matsushita private school in a village" was succeeded, and Toshimaro Yoshida or Hirobumi Ito learned from the private supplementary school which the Goro Kubo Court Security Office which was gai* of the Shoin teacher opened afterwards in this private supplementary school.

I preside over Shoin teacher, Matsushita private school in a village

Mr. president / Shouin Yoshida of this time
I leave the hills and fields prison in (1855) December in 1855 and, as for Mr. Shoin which became the body of the confinement in the home, come to be lectured for a family and a relative in a room.
A lot of children of the neighborhood came to participate there, and this developed and redecorated the cedars next hut in (1857) November in 1857, and a private supplementary school of one 8-tatami room was opened. The Matsushita private school in a village becomes the private supplementary school which a Shoin teacher presides over in a fact from this time and lets character greatly change with the previous Tamaki private supplementary school, Kubo private supplementary school. I made it a principle to do revering the Emperor and expelling the barbarians, and the extended study that I did commencing with Confucianism, a military science, historical study was taught, and not only I only heard a lecture, but also the active discussion was developed.
Superior human resources more than this private supplementary school leave the nest, and it is a foundation of Meiji Japan.

I inherit the will of the Shoin teacher

President / umashimahosen of this time
When a Shoin teacher becomes the body of (1858) iwashu in 1858 and is died from penalty yokunenhigashiso, private school students open the study session and do it, and they are active led by Genzui Kusaka. However, private school students get most in Edo and Kyoto and volunteer for revering the Emperor and expelling the barbarians exercise, and, in the private supplementary school, it is a closure state in (1861) in 1861. (1865), one, umashimahosen of the private school student returned home in 1865 and let a private supplementary school reopen. I gathered the children of the neighborhood and I inherited the thought of the Shoin teacher and educated you. Majima goes to Osaka depending on (1870), a request of Akiyoshi Yamada in 1870, and the private supplementary school is closed.

Of the bush clover is strange; Bunnoshin Tamaki own blade

President / Bunnoshin Tamaki of this time
(1872), Bunnoshin Tamaki retire from it in 1872 and let Matsushita private school in a village reopen. However, of the bush clover which Issei Maebara from Matsushita private school in a village raised in (1876), former Councilors in 1876, commencing with adopted child of bunkoresusumi, Tadashi Tamaki friendship, of the private school student strangely participated. It is brought under control by the strange ha government troop, and Bunnoshin Tamaki does an own blade in ancestral front of the grave. In this way, the private supplementary school is closed again.

I leave Matsushita private school in a village, the everlasting name

President / Minji Sugi of this time
It is true older brother, Minji Sugi of the Shoin teacher to have succeeded this. I withdraw from (1880), the government official in 1880 and let a private supplementary school reopen. They performed the education mainly on Chinese classics, but because (1892), minchi took office as the principal of the private school of the bush clover in 1892, the private supplementary school was closed, and "the Matsushita private school in a village" closed a curtain in the history of 50 years here.
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