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Religious corporation Shoin Shinto shrine
1537, Chintou, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0838-22-4643
FAX. 0838-22-4282

Veneration society

About veneration society

For the purpose of planning honoring and the spread of will of the deceased, achievements of the image of a pine reflected in the water teacher, our shadow of a pine Shrine veneration society holds an establishment general meeting on November 5, 2016, and they start.
I do the friendship of members thickly and hold a lecture, a workshop and do it and want to contribute to the development of the image of a pine reflected in the water Shinto shrine.
Please enroll in the people that many image of a pine reflected in the water teachers are performed veneration of.

Privilege of the member

① I pray for my wife security on the New Year and confer a charm every year.
② On 1st, I pray for my wife security of member, company security prayer, body health, studies accomplishment to monthly festival every month.
③ I hold veneration society Rogation Days and a meeting and guide you.
  I serve it by Rogation Days in the main shrine and hold a ceremony or a lecture.
④ I can use setting an aim in life (shadow of a pine Shrine Hall).
  By a general meeting, a workshop of members, I can use gathering (large hall) and the room.
⑤ I can see treasury single-minded devotion building, the discount of the history museum (waxwork).
⑥ I send a newssheet.
  I send shadow of a pine Shrine newssheet "ryukon" of the issuance twice a year.

Annual convention costs

Individual member    One share of 2,000 yen
Group, corporate member one share 5,000 yen
              (an individual, a group, a corporation are good with several shares together.)

Application method

Apply than the following application form.
I send transfer paper if you can apply.
 The application is this
TEL. 0838-22-4643

Guidance of the enrollment

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