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Religious corporation Shoin Shinto shrine
1537, Chintou, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi
TEL. 0838-22-4643
FAX. 0838-22-4282

Conferment product

The studies accomplishment, passing prayer, road safety, body are healthy and, in the Shoin Shinto shrine, confer various bills, lucky charms such as disease recovery, my wife security, business prosperity, yakujo, good luck, luck with money.
In addition, I distribute a reproduction of isumi where a life and isumirui of the Shoin teacher, a book and the teacher about the Shoin Shinto shrine were left for. A lot of book, rubbed copies prepare and display a sample in our conferment place.
     ※There is not a lucky charm and may not confer it.
       ※A rubbed copy, a book may be out of stock.

Bill, lucky charm, votive tablet

Votive tablet type lucky charm with studies accomplishment / Shoin teacher portrait

The portrait of the Shoin teacher is the lucky charm which entered

Studies accomplishment / peek pencil lucky charm

The portrait of the Shoin teacher and the song of the teacher see "I hear it with party of filial affection fukokoronimasaru pro-gokorokefuno sound what" when I look in the inside

Studies accomplishment, road safety / school satchel type lucky charm

Blue, pinkness

Wish accomplishment lucky charm

These wish accomplishment lucky charm has one received write a wish to two pieces of paper and puts one piece in the amulet case and has you dedicate another one to the Shinto shrine and I offer it before the alter every month on 1st and do it and serve it by wish accomplishment Rogation Days.

The prayer that I pass

Pass prayer lucky charm

Small size, cerise, green

Large size, red, blue

The prayer set that I pass

A lucky charm, the votive tablet contain a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves, studies prayer application. You write the school, name desired to the votive tablet, and send a matter necessary for an application after entry to the Shoin Shinto shrine shrine office.


I perform pass Rogation Days in the following requirements.


Normal prayer Send an application to a Shoin Shinto shrine. I serve it by Rogation Days.
Special prayer You attach money offered to God charges 3,000 yen to an application, and send it in money sent by registered mail. I serve it by Rogation Days and send the bill that I classified the name of the person into.

Book, rubbed copy

A book "Shoin teacher and Shoin Shinto shrine"

The outline of a Shoin teacher and the Shoin Shinto shrine, the introduction of the treasure are summarized in one book.

Other books

Guide Shouin Yoshida of the revolution
Shoin handbook
A sentence and poetry of Shouin Yoshida
Collection of Mr. Shouin Yoshida death poems
Poetry sentence of Mr. Shouin Yoshida
Bookmark of the worship
Shoin Shinto shrine sketchy description
Picture postcard (ten pieces of sets)

A rubbed copy "book of eiwake"

The will which a Shoin teacher addressed to a family seven days before it was died from penalty
※Rubbed copies distribute it in the state only for style of handwriting parts except ryukonroku. I do not hit it to a hanging scroll, a sum.

Other rubbed copies

Portrait self-praise
Ascetic practices of the single-minded devotion
Genzui Kusaka poetry "measure it, is a thing the life…"
ryukonroku (booklet)

Colored paper

Single-minded devotion
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